Total Facility Lighting Control


Take control of schedules and settings for interior and exterior lighting across your facilities.

Multiple Facility Lighting Control

Our lighting control platform is designed for commercial applications. It provides consistent scheduling, local override features, and supports external inputs from photosensors, motion detectors, or alarm system inputs. Update your existing controls and improve facility performance.

Remote Control

The system communicates wirelessly to the EnTouch Cloud Service, allowing you to quickly make changes to settings and schedules through our remote management tools, wherever you happen to be. Our security features prevent unauthorized user changes and ensure consistent guest experience.

Configurable Features

The system is flexible, allowing it to control the most complex applications. Drive loads directly or through external contactors. Set default powerup and drive states for each circuit. Adapt and expand as your facility needs grow.

Flexible Scheduling

Schedules can be set for each circuit, allowing flexibility to meet your needs for interior lighting, exterior lighting, signage, parking lot lights, and security lighting. Schedules will adjust for daylight savings time changes, you can rest easy knowing your lighting is operating properly.

Support for External Inputs

The system can accept inputs from static switches, motion detectors, and photo sensors. Use these inputs to facilitate daylighting and emergency override features. Comply with new building efficiency standards while optimizing performance and reducing operating cost.

Designed For Retrofit Applications

Unlike traditional wired systems, EnTouch lighting controls are easy to install and don’t require extensive communication wiring or programming. In fact there is no programming required. Schedules and configurations are set through our cloud services and can be managed through your mobile devices. Easy to use, quick to get started, and cost effective for your business.