Entouch Controls Cloud Services


The real power of the EnTouch EMS is that it enables anytime, anywhere access to your facilities. You can monitor performance, track energy usage, change schedules when needed, and be automatically alerted when problems arise.

Easy to Use

The EnTouch Cloud Services provide your data through a graphical dashboard interface. The system is intuitive and lets you get up to speed quickly by automating common tasks like scheduling, alerting, and changing temperatures.

Energy Dashboards

The dashboard provides a quick view of all of your facilities. View real time energy usage, local weather, historical energy usage and HVAC performance. Compare across facilities to find opportunities to save.

Supports Your Mobile Devices

Unlike traditional systems that required a computer to access your facility, the EnTouch Cloud services support most mobile devices through our web applications and device apps. Stay in control, even when you are out of the office.

Automated Alerting

HVAC systems will fail without notice, usually at the worst time of the day. The EnTouch Cloud services alert you when problems arise and allow you to remotely diagnose problems, speeding your reaction time and reducing travel costs.

Take Control Remotely

In addition to reporting and alerting, the EnTouch Cloud services allow you to make changes to schedules and settings remotely. Set events as needed and control all of your facilities at once through our global commands.

Features For Teams

As a facility manager you can assign additional users to your account, giving them unique permissions and access rights.