Commercial HVAC Control


The EnTouch One, EnTouch Elite, and EnTouch Pro controllers replace existing thermostats and enable remote facility automation.  Easy to use, easy to install, with built-in features that save energy and money.

Sophisticated And Simple

The EnTouch One system controllers provide extensive support for your facility HVAC systems with features normally only found in complex building automation systems. Synchronize operation across multiple HVAC units, control timing between multiple stage systems, and reduce HVAC system runtime.

Built-in Security

The system can be secured locally or remotely with a custom passcode, limiting adjustment ranges and hold intervals. There are no permanent holds in the EnTouch controllers. Alerts can be configured to detect local override or units left unlocked by service staff. You rest assured that your facility policies remain in place, optimizing guest comfort, customer satisfaction, and cost.

Occupancy Based Scheduling

The system supports a full 7 day, 4 time period schedule and up to 10 unique override events. Schedules are fully adjustable remotely with individual or global commands. Global events can quickly be set for holidays, vacation periods, or other one time events. You can stay in control and quickly react to manage your facilities.

Built-In Motion Detection

Options for built-in motion detection further simplify scheduling and optimize comfort and cost. Rather than rely on fixed schedules have your setbacks automatically kick in when your facilities are vacant. Patent-pending features enable the industry’s only combination of fixed schedule and variable occupancy based setback control.

Wireless Networking

The power of the EnTouch platform is our wide range of networking options. Communicate between devices when necessary to reach an internet gateway. Quickly and cost-effectively retrofit your facility, something you simply can’t do with a traditional energy management system.

Built-in Internet Gateway

No external gateway is required as each controller includes built in networking to communicate to the EnTouch cloud services. We support connections through WIFI, ETHERNET, or CELLULAR networks, allowing you flexibility depending on your facility needs. Communications are secure and encrypted and do not require custom access ports.