Frequently Asked Questions

A. No. There is no law or regulation requiring companies to use the services of a broker to purchase electricity and gas. A company may seek to obtain an electric and gas  supply contract on its own.


A. There are a number of important advantages, beginning with TRUST. As a Broker, we are continually in the electricity and gas market on behalf of our customers shopping for the best price available at any particular time. We have no vested interest in one Retail Electric Supplier or Retail Gas Supplier. We are dedicated to you, the customer. This puts us on your side, not theirs!

We are very familiar with the marketplace and with the licensed suppliers that operate in the market, and use this knowledge and familiarity to secure the lowest possible prices for our customers.

We are able to ensure that our customers do not enter into supply contracts that contain terms or conditions that can work to their disadvantage. Instead, we use our size and expertise to negotiate terms and conditions of supply contracts on behalf of our customers.

We monitor the financial condition of suppliers to ensure that suppliers have the financial strength to honor supply contracts they offer our customers. As a general rule, we will not recommend that our customers sign contracts with a supplier that is not “investment grade” or better, as rated by Standard & Poors

Finally, we remain in your corner to assist you with any problems or issues that may arise during the term of your supply contract or to answer any questions you may have about the electricity marketplace.


A. Not all companies need to employ our services to purchase electricity or gas contracts. We advise potential customers that they may wish to use our services if they do not know the answer to the following questions:

  • What is a reasonable price to pay for energy in today’s market?
  • Why does the price of energy vary with how my company uses electricity?
  • What is the difference between electricity capacity and energy?
  • What is congestion risk?
  • What are “take requirements” in retail supply contracts?
  • What are ancillary services, and how are these factored into the retail price of electricity and gas contracts?
  • Why is Entelrgy different from other suppliers in the market?

Unlike suppliers that offer to sell only their product, we shop across all suppliers We believe that it is critical that we know our customers, know how they use electricity and gas and know how the power market operates. We are able to translate this knowledge into better pricing for our customers, which means more savings and improved competitiveness – which ultimately benefits You.


A. It is quite simple to become our customer and begin to take advantage of the services we can provide you. You can Click Here and use our contact form to send us a message, or simply call us at (281) 902-9360. You’ll find that becoming an Entelrgy customer will start you on your way to saving money on your electric and gas bill.


A. If you do not like any deals that we bring back to you, you are under absolutely NO obligation to agree to any of them or sign any contracts. While we fully expect to be able to meet your expectations in the market, if we are unable to find you pricing and contract terms that are acceptable to you, you are under no obligation to accept any deal we bring to you.


A. We get paid only if you execute a supply contract that is acceptable to you. We receive a fee for our services that is paid by the electricity supplier. This fee is a fixed amount of money for each kWh and therm you consume, and it is built into the price of electricity and gas on all deals we bring to you. There is no up-front or ongoing cost to you for our services, other than what is built into the electricity and gas price.


A. Yes – this is exactly what this means. We are paid strictly for success in obtaining pricing and contract terms that are acceptable to you. If we are unable to do this, you owe us nothing – no up-front fee, no consulting fee, no termination fee.


A. Yes. We help you evaluate all deals we bring to you. Specifically, we estimate the price you will pay for electricity and gas with and without each deal so that you will know how much you are saving by signing any contract. If you are better off, we will tell you so – even if it means we do not make a sale.

Second, we review the terms and conditions of each supply contract with you to make sure you understand all aspects the contracts.

Third, we work on your behalf with the supplier to resolve any issues with credit or other matters that may impact the deal or deals you find acceptable.

Finally, we track all paperwork between you and the supplier(s) to make sure those contracts are executed properly and that your accounts are enrolled appropriately and in a timely manner.


A. You owe us nothing.