Turnkey Solutions For Facility Management


The EnTouch Controls EMS is a seamless solution for light commercial facilities. Our patent-pending features and wireless networking simplify installation and get you up to speed quickly so you can understand, manage, and take control of energy and maintenance costs.

Designed For Retrofit Applications

With wireless communications, built-in HVAC optimization, and integrated gateway functions, the EnTouch EMS is designed for the needs of smaller commercial facilities. The master control unit is integrated into a sleek touchscreen controller that replaces existing thermostats. The system communicates wirelessly within the building and connects to the internet through a WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular data connection. Setup is quick and easy and costs are affordable.

Patent-pending HVAC Controls

The system replaces existing thermostats and implements automated control schemes and security features to tackle the largest use of energy in a small facility – heating and cooling. Multiple HVAC systems are synchronized, setbacks reduce wasted energy when your facilities are vacant, and automated alerting lets you know of pending problems. Your facilities operate properly and at the optimum cost.