Energy Procurement

Entelrgy LLC adds value to you business by shopping, comparing, and negotiating the best terms available. Our relationships with reputable Retail Energy Providers and Utilities give us the edge to deliver great service, and the best rates. We offer a no-obligation rate analysis for your business, aimed at helping to reduce your usage, as well as cut your electric and natural gas bills. We study the market to determine the best time to get a new supply contract, which may or may not be at the end of your current contract. We find the reliable suppliers with competitive rates to ensure your needs are met.

Our Texas energy procurement can help show real savings for your business – as well as a host of other benefits. Energy costs represent major expenditures at most companies. By custom tailoring a procurement strategy with Entelrgy, you mitigate your risk, and improve your long-term energy outlook.

We do not work for Retail Energy Providers, so we’re in your corner, unbiased in the energy procurement process. We solicit prices, compare the offers, and make recommendations based on the supplier’s offer which best suits the needs of your business. We don’t stop there. We continue to manage and negotiate your contract to measure and verify your savings. We have a reputation of building strong relationships with our clients and energy suppliers. We work for you to make sure your needs are met now, and in the future.

Our experience speaks for itself. We have saved many businesses on their energy costs, sometimes resulting in enormous savings over what previous contracts offered. Entelrgy helps clients see a real savings by using a procurement strategy that works.

Get started now by filling out our online, no-obligation Rate Analysis form.

Here are some benefits of using Entelrgy LLC:

  • We manage a large portfolio of satisfied clients
  • We have proven energy procurement strategies that work, at a real benefit to the client.
  • Energy Procurement and Management is our specialty, it’s our core business.
  • We’re here for you, every step of the way. We’ll help you get the best rate available.
  • Entelrgy has solid knowledge of the energy markets, and only recommends reputable and reliable providers.
  • We can help you look forward in your energy needs, to help you plan your future strategies and needs.
  • We are unbiased – We don’t work for a Retail Energy Provider, we are fully independent and look out for the interests of our clients.