Energy Procurement

Entelrgy LLC adds value to you business by shopping, comparing, and negotiating the best terms available. Our relationships with reputable Retail Energy Providers..

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Energy Management

Entelrgy LLC offers energy management and procurement services to help businesses save energy and reduce costs. Our proven strategies help companies get good results..

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Utility Invoice Management

ProKarma manages utility invoices with perfect data accuracy providing you with a better control on your utility spend. Our offerings help streamline business processes..

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Latest Blog Posts

Market Commentary

Natural gas prices jump
15 cents to $1.698/mmBtu as the latest short-term temperature forecasts point
to some hotter weather that could lift demand.

Analysts say

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Natural Gas Pares Declines on Storage Rise

Natural gas prices
reduce declines, down 0.5% at $1.63/mmBtu after EIA says gas-in-storage rose by
85B cubic feet last week,

which precisely matches

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