Energy Procurement

Entelrgy LLC adds value to you business by shopping, comparing, and negotiating the best terms available. Our relationships with reputable Retail Energy Providers..

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Energy Management

Entelrgy LLC offers energy management and procurement services to help businesses save energy and reduce costs. Our proven strategies help companies get good results..

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Utility Invoice Management

ProKarma manages utility invoices with perfect data accuracy providing you with a better control on your utility spend. Our offerings help streamline business processes..

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Latest Blog Posts

US Energy Information Overview: Week Ending Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spot prices rose modestly at most market locations during the report week (Wednesday, March 19, to Wednesday, March 26) as temperatures cooled over the weekend and led

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Generators Zero-In on Problem of Polar Vortex -- Prices Were Too Low!

If you're a retail supplier whose livelihood is under attack because of uncompetitive pricing in the broken wholesale electric market, here's some salt for that wound.


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