Real Estate Companies

Entelrgy LLC has experience in procuring energy for all types of industries. Another recent example would be a client in the Real Estate field. This client was looking to get a better rate on their Real Estate Group offices’ electricity and natural gas supplies. After searching through a list of area providers, and coming up empty handed, they contacted Entelrgy for help in getting the job done right.

An Entelrgy representative met with the Real Estate official in charge of managing the office’s energy supplies. They reviewed the current contract looking through the terms and pricing. After careful examination, Entelrgy knew they would be successful in getting better terms for their client. The Real Estate Group agreed to use Entelrgy’s services, and were not disappointed.

Entelrgy created a proposal, and started making calls. An array of Retail Energy Providers started making offers to compete for the client’s business. The energy professional managing the Real Estate Group’s search compiled a list of these offers and then went back to the Retail Energy Providers to negotiate contract terms suited to what the Real Estate Group was looking for. After gathering all of the information, another meeting was scheduled with the Real Estate Group’s representative, and a summary of offers what discussed. Upon finding the right offer, an agreement was made, a contract signed, and the group’s offices were supplied with energy from a more reputable, reliable provider. The rates were cheaper, and the contract terms more suited to their needs. Entelrgy LLC took the worry out of shopping for an energy provider, and delivered on their promises, all creating a strong relationship with the Real Estate Group, who plans on calling on Entelrgy’s services again when their next office needs a better energy services.

“I want to thank the staff at Entelrgy LLC for helping us find the right energy provider. You made sure our energy supply needs were met, and really broke everything down into terms we could understand. As Real Estate Professionals, we deal with real estate contracts and negotiations on a daily basis, but energy supply is a specialty best left to the Professionals. Your staff is truly professional, and prove their experience in dealing with clients as well as energy providers. Thank You!” – Real Estate Group Representative