Retail Supplier to Provide Millions in Goodwill Credits

March 6th, 2014

IDT Energy announced that it is providing customers with millions of dollars in goodwill credits and rebates, as a result of the polar vortex pricing.

IDT Energy said that it has not determined a final amount of credits it will ultimately provide to customers, but estimated that it has issued approximately $2 million in credits based on requests and rebates issued thus far.

Most requests are from Pennsylvania customers.

IDT Energy said that, “[t]he range of individual rebates varies, since every customer’s bill and rate charged is unique based on the customer’s specific billing/rate cycle.  We are doing everything we can to fairly address concerns from customers who received bills that were impacted by the cost spikes driven by the colder temperatures and are helping customers with meaningful credits that will get them closer to a rate they saw in their prior month’s (before the cold weather event) IDT Energy supply rate.”

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