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August 13th, 2014
ERCOT Cash – more of the same – normal temps, built for more…
PJM Cash – a story of the Led Zeppelin vs. Poison – 70s in the West and 80s in the East – flows moving towards the Glam Rock in Baltimore.
ERCOT Forwards – lots of quoting across many parts of the curve – but only bits and pieces traded – Cals slightly up 11.57, 11.61, and 11.62 – Cal 15, 16, 17 respectively.
PJM Forwards – lower on …demand I guess and lack of any fearful events…
NG – lower today on little news – I guess demand doesn’t appear to be AS strong next week – whatever. I think the $4.00 thing weighed down on the bulls overnight – AND!!!! Tomorrow is BDOW (Best Day of Week).
EIA DAY – expected mid 80s (like when Bryan Adams was popular), Last year Beach Boys – 65 Bcf build. 5 year average – Big Band and Swing, 47Bcf.
CL – Higher today. Up on a storage build, huh? Profit taking?
Economy and Stocks – up today on no new geo-politic tensions, United Airlines fuel costs being lower and flat retail sales – really up on nothing. The headline on banks pulling back on “REPO” (repurchase agreements) loans isn’t warming to me….
BITCOIN – $537 – ouch down 50 smackers overnight – apparently Consumer Financial Protection Bureau made new warnings about the digital currency – according to
NG – $3.815
Crude – $97.34
SP500 – 1946.72
US 10-Yr – 2.444
Gold – 1313.70
**near market close

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