International Oil Drilling Company

International Oil Drilling is no easy business, it’s a tough and dangerous job where every second counts. They expect the best when it comes to everything, including electricity and natural gas supplies. Using an unreliable supplier is out of the question considering that when you’re running an operation that’s spread out globally, you can’t afford to be dealing with second rate providers.

Upon realizing that their current energy supply contract was set to expire, they called the Professionals at Entelrgy LLC. Our reputation for using reputable and reliable providers, as well as top notch service was why they chose us to help negotiate to renew their contract.

After the initial consultation, an Entelrgy Representative reviewed their terms, and sent out a request for offers. Needless to say, the offers soon came pouring in, and our analysts went to work reviewing each one. Offers that didn’t fit the client’s plans were rejected, and eventually the list was shortened to just the best of the best. A summary was then presented to the Drilling Company, and their officials agreed on a plan that fit their needs perfectly. Now they’re with a more reliable and reputable supplier than before, and at rates they couldn’t believe were possible. Their energy cost savings have led to increased profits and the ability to grow their business even further.

When looking for an energy provider, let the Professionals at Entelrgy LLC help. We’re there for you every step of way, and will make sure you get the best terms and rates available. If your needs change in the future, we’ll help re-negotiate your contract to make sure you keep the best terms and rates. Trust our experienced team in help take the hassle out of finding the right Retail Energy Provider. Whether it’s electricity, natural gas, or green energy, we can help.