Independent School Districts

Entelrgy recently completed a major energy procurement for one of the largest Independent School Districts in the Greater Houston/Harris County area, with excellent results. By analyzing the current usage at each of their schools, we formulated a plan that would both cut costs, and give them better contract terms.

After consulting with the School District Superintendent about our findings, we set out to find and procure the right plan for the right price. Entelrgy presented the Superindentent’s terms to our energy partners, and as the offers came in, we methodically reviewed each one, looking for the right balance between price and service terms. We then brought these offers to the School District, and helped them to decide which plan would be most beneficial for their present and future goals in regards to electricity and natural gas.

Upon successful completion of negotiations, a contract was signed, and that School District is already seeing the savings and benefits of their new service. Lower bills, better terms, more reliable service. Enterlgy can help your business find these benefits as well. From start to finish, we’re with you every step of the way in making sure your energy needs are met, and when your needs change, we’re right there to help in the future. Whether it’s electric, natural gas, green energy you’re looking for, or perhaps just better terms on your current contract, choose Entelrgy LLC, we can help.

“Thanks for your help in securing a retail electrical provider for our Independent School District. Your knowledge of the energy and gas market was invaluable in getting us a good price in such a volatile and time sensitive industry. We appreciate your hard work and dedication and will continue our relationship with Entelrgy L.L.C. in the aquisition of future power. – ISD Superintendent